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With our latest episode of Emerging Sports TV, we show off our charitable side from Monterey Bay in California.

Welcome to Emerging Sports TV

"Why We Fell in Love With Sports in the First Place!".


Emerging Sports TV introduces an entirely new category of events and athletes to the massses who will fall in love with their incredible feats..

Great Value

Advertising in the "Sports Space" can get pricey, especially if you are working with college or pro sports. Emerging Sports TV delivers the customers you want at a great value. Its really that simple.


Emerging Sports TV has the tools to deliver the most desirable demographic in the market: educated, affluent, independent, active lifestyle individuals...the Holy Grail of customers.

Multiple Platforms

Emerging Sports TV combines television distribution to 95-100 MM households, livestreaming, social and print media to deliver an interactive, forward-leaning message of your business to our fans.


When combined, Emerging Sports Fans are the most committed, loyal, and passionate sports fans there are. You support them, and they will support you.

Ground Floor Commitment

By joining with Emerging Sports TV now, you will take ownership of this network on the ground floor. This commitment from you will be rewarded in our commitment to you, as we grow and formulate new strategies for success.

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We consider Emerging Sports TV a platform for ALL non-traditional sports.

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At Emerging Sports TV, our mission is to recapture the spirit of "Why We Fell in Love with Sports in the First Place." If you are an advertiser, event director, rights holder, emerging sports athlete, or just fan of non-traditional sports, we want to hear from you! .

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